Franklin Graham Says God is America's 'Only Hope'

Veronica Neffinger | iBelieve Contributor | Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Franklin Graham Says God is America's 'Only Hope'

In a recent prayer rally, Franklin Graham said that “The only hope for America is God.”

According to an opinion piece by Todd Starnes, writing for Charisma News, Graham has launched an initiative called the “Decision America Tour,” which is a series of prayer rallies at capitol buildings all over the nation.

Graham has stressed that America is in trouble, and neither Democrats nor Republicans can save it. God, Graham says, is the nation’s only hope. And that is why he is calling on people across the country to pray.

In fact, during an Iowa prayer rally, Graham said that even if a political candidate showed up, he or she would not be given a microphone.

Instead, Graham stated, the purpose of the Decision America Tour is "trying to lead this nation in prayer, confessing the sins of our country, asking for God's forgiveness and encouraging Christians to get engaged in the political process.”

Graham also addressed the church in his criticism of the current state of affairs in the nation.

"The younger pastors—so many are caught up in the pop culture, and the pastor in a church is more about being cool," he said. "We're beginning to put theology in the back seat, and I'm concerned about the church."

Many of the problems Americans face, said Graham, are because the church is not stepping up. 

"The churches have allowed the government to take away their responsibility and so the government is feeding people, the government is clothing people, the government is now in charge of health care," he said.

God, said Graham, is the only answer to these issues.

Publication date: January 13, 2016

Franklin Graham Says God is America's 'Only Hope'