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Fox411 Names Candace Cameron Bure "Celebrity of the Year"

Veronica Neffinger | iBelieve Contributor | Updated: Dec 31, 2015

Fox411 Names Candace Cameron Bure "Celebrity of the Year"

Fox411 has named Candace Cameron Bure “Celebrity of the Year.”

The Gospel Herald reports that Bure recently revealed her best advice for those hoping to enter the entertainment industry.

"In all things you do, honor the Lord, and in all things you do, work hard," she told Fox News in a recent interview. "It really is all about the effort you put in while keeping your integrity and your character. That's why first and foremost I want my kids to respect themselves and honor God and to then just work hard. Even if someone hands something to you, it never feels as good as when you've earned it yourself." 

Bure has had a busy year. The Christian actress has three children with Russian hockey star husband Valeri Bure. In addition to her family life, Bure joined “The View” this year as a co-host. She also worked on “Fuller House,” a reboot of the beloved show “Full House” which Bure starred in as a child as DJ Tanner. 

'Fuller House' ... that probably has been the highlight for me this year," Bure said. "It was just amazing to come back and be able to do this spinoff show and work with people that are most dear to me in my life and have a better time the second go around than we could have even imagined. It feels like home, it feels like family and it's really fun and just a great show."

As co-host of “The View” Bure has had to stand up for her Christian beliefs in a sometimes hostile environment, but has said she welcomes the challenge to be a talk show host which is something she has never done before.

“It has been a really amazing year,” the actress concluded. “These are all things I've been working toward for so long and I've been praying about so specifically for so long. I'm hoping that 'Fuller House' gets a second season, I'm still on 'The View;' I'm going to be doing several more Hallmark movies; I would probably love to write my fourth book somewhere in 2016.”

Publication date: December 31, 2015

Fox411 Names Candace Cameron Bure "Celebrity of the Year"