Former President Carter Voices Objections to Sex-Selective Abortion

Carrie Dedrick | Friday, March 28, 2014

Former President Carter Voices Objections to Sex-Selective Abortion

Former United States president Jimmy Carter publicly announced his personal objections to sex-selective abortion in an interview with David Letterman on Monday. Carter referred to the practice as the “worst human rights abuse on earth” reports The Christian Post.

Carter, 89, discussed the global oppression of women saying, "160 million girls are now missing from the face of the earth because they were murdered at birth by their parents or either selectively aborted when their parents find out that the fetus is a girl."

The the interview Carter said that the infanticide of babies is common practice in China, India and South Korea and it is going on unchallenged and unacknowledged.

Carter believes that there is a connection between sex-selective abortion and the international slave trade. "For instance in China and India and South Korea and some other countries, young men can't find brides to marry, so they buy brides and that increases the amount of slavery that exists on earth,” Carter said in his interview.

The former president recently released a book calling people to action against the wrongful abortion of female babies and promotion of basic human rights. The book is titled A Call to Action: Women, Religion, Violence, and Power.