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Former Pastor Breaks Silence on Life as a Fugitive

Carrie Dedrick | Updated: Aug 06, 2014

Former Pastor Breaks Silence on Life as a Fugitive

A pastor-turned fugitive who disappeared in 2012 has broken his silence about his 18-month life on the run. 

Aubrey Lee Price, a former pastor, switched professions and became a banker. When he was caught embezzling money from investors, Price faked his own suicide to avoid authorities. He then boarded a ferry to South America and worked as a cocaine trafficker. 

Price was later apprehended by police during a routine traffic stop in Georgia for overly tinted windows.

Atlanta Magazine freelancer Charles Bethea reportedly spoke to Price about the time spent as a fugitive in South America. 

Price said in a recorded interview with Bethea, “The first month and a half it was just trying to survive, trying to think, ‘Can I get my mind back?’ I had no desire to even be on the earth.”

Price says he spent much of his time reading the Bible, writing and exercising during the first few months living as an outlaw. When he began working for a friend of a friend in the drug industry, he claims that his intention was to make enough money to pay back the money he had stolen. 

When police found him, Price says it was a relief and answer to prayer. “I remember saying, ‘Lord, where are you?’ Then I looked up and there were blue lights behind me. Thanks, Lord. That’s where you are,” Price said.

The former pastor has pleaded guilty to three counts of fraud reports ABC News. The penalty for his actions is a maximum of 30 years in prison. 

Publication date: August 6, 2014

Former Pastor Breaks Silence on Life as a Fugitive