Ferguson Churches Reach Out to Community with Supplies, Service

Carrie Dedrick | Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Ferguson Churches Reach Out to Community with Supplies, Service

Church members in Ferguson, Missouri have put themselves in the midst of riots and violence in an effort to reach out to the community. Churches have come together providing supplies and tending to other needs that the people of Ferguson have amid the chaos. 

In the aftermath of Michael Brown’s death at the hand of a police officer, protesters have united in nightly riots and looting that have has caused Missouri Governor Jay Nixon to declare a state of emergency and call in the National Guard for help. Churches have also stepped in to aid in a different way. 

Jack Hambree, pastor of Bethel Fellowship (AG) said, "The churches got together and marched down that same street the rioters marched on, passing out bags of supplies, food and toiletries to people,” Hembree said. “Church members stood in front of buildings through the night to make sure they were not looted. Church members parked in people's driveways to make sure they were safe all through the night. Church members went up and down the streets, cleaning up the mess.”

Pastor Brian Schmidgall of MiddleTree Church said that Jesus Christ is the answer to the rioting that has continued for over a week. 

"The Lord's hand is priming this for good things. What the enemy meant for harm, I think the Lord is going to use this,” he said. 

Publication date: August 20, 2014