Evangelical Leaders in Scotland Respond to Vote Against Independence

Russ Jones | Christian Press | Monday, September 22, 2014

Evangelical Leaders in Scotland Respond to Vote Against Independence

In a contentious referendum vote last Thursday, Scottish voters rejected a move that would have created an independent nation. By a 55% to 45% margin, a majority of voters opted to remain part of the United Kingdom. 80% of the voters turned out for the referendum decision. 

According to Christianity Today, the Evangelical Alliance Scotland has called for the nation to unite and build a new Scotland with Christian values at the heart following the results of the vote. 

"This has been an incredible season for our nation and the referendum debate has invigorated Scotland with our churches at the heart of the debate,” said Fred Drummond, national director for Evangelical Alliance Scotland. “With the votes now cast and the result declared the people of Scotland have spoken and it is now time for us to unite as a nation and build a new and better Scotland based on the vision, hope and aspiration which characterized the debate.”

Drummond warns that Scotland and the UK will not be the same following the divisive vote. 

"During this campaign all Scots have rallied around a flag,” said Drummond. “But as Christians our identity is not based on a flag or a national boundary but on the radical grace of being adopted into God's family. We urge Christians in Scotland, England, Northern Ireland and Wales to come together to pray for Scotland as we build a future for our nation."

Publication date: September 22, 2014