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Egyptian Christians to be Forced to Leave?

Religion Today

Egyptian Christians to be Forced to Leave?

February 13, 2012

Analysts warn that the recent increase in violence in Egypt is putting the country's minority Christian population in great danger and could force many to leave their millenia-old homeland, World Net Daily reports. "Tolerance is not a characteristic Islamists embrace," said Michael Rubin, Middle East analyst for the American Enterprise Institute. "Just as Arab nationalists drove Jews out of Arab countries in the 20th century, Islamists will drive Christians out in the 21st." Aidan Clay of International Christian Concern, who recently returned from a trip to Egypt, said virtually anything can ignite a spark for violence. He added that some Christians and moderates, believing the recent elections were not fair, are protesting against the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood, which holds a plurality in Egypt's new parliament. "It does not appear that there are enough secular Egyptians to manage an anti-Brotherhood campaign," Clay said, but the protesters understand "their rights will further be taken from them if the Brotherhood gains more control."