Donald Trump Drops Out of Final Republican Debate

Carrie Dedrick | Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Donald Trump Drops Out of Final Republican Debate

Donald Trump has dropped out of the final Republican debate scheduled for Thursday (Jan. 28). According to CNN, Trump is boycotting the event in part because Fox News host Megyn Kelly will serve as moderator. 

The Republican presidential candidate has said for several days that Kelly is “biased” against him. Fox denies this, and said that Trump is “fearful” of Kelly. 

At a news conference, Trump said, "Let's see how much money Fox is going to make on the debate without me, okay?" 

Trump’s campaign manager asserted that, “Fox will go from probably having 24 million viewers to about 2 million."

Immediately after Trump dropped out of the Republican debate, a video clip from 2011 surfaced, showing the billionaire real estate mogul praising Kelly’s moderating abilities. 

“Do you really think you’re a better moderator than I am?” Kelly asked in the video. 

Trump answered, “No. I could never beat you. That wouldn’t even be close. That would be no contest. You have done a great job, by the way. And I mean it.”

Publication date: January 27, 2016