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Democratic Candidates Refuse to Use Term 'Radical Islam' to Describe ISIS

Carrie Dedrick | Monday, November 16, 2015

Democratic Candidates Refuse to Use Term 'Radical Islam' to Describe ISIS

Several Democratic presidential candidates are still refusing to call the antics of ISIS “radical Islam,” despite the recent terrorist attacks in Paris. Fox News reports Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and Martin O’Malley all used other terms to describe the terrorist group ISIS during the Democratic debate Saturday night (Nov. 14). 

Front-runner Clinton said “radical Islam” is not a “particularly helpful” term.

“I don’t think we’re at war with Islam. I don’t think we’re at war with all Muslims. I think we’re at war with jihadists,” Clinton said. 

Bernie Sanders said the term was not an important matter for debate. 

Instead, Sanders said to focus on the damage that has been done by groups such as ISIS and Al Qaeda. 

“American leadership can and must come together to destroy them,” Sanders said. 

O’Malley said, “I believe calling it what it is… radical jihadis. Let's not fall into the trap of thinking that all of our Muslim-American neighbors in this country are somehow our enemies here. They are our first line of defense… We need our Muslim-American neighbors to stand up and to be a part of this.”

The White House has refused to call ISIS followers of radical Islam as well.

Publication date: November 16, 2015