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Cuba: Christians Facing Threats, Churches Being Burned

Veronica Neffinger | iBelieve Contributor | Friday, September 16, 2016

Cuba: Christians Facing Threats, Churches Being Burned

Christians in Cuba are facing increasing persecution, according to a pastor and religious freedom activist. reports that Christians in Cuba are experiencing escalated threats due to their faith.

Rev. Mario Felix Lleonart Barroso stated that "the threat of physical violence... comes with the territory of being a Christian” in Cuba.

Although Cuba’s constitution guarantees religious freedom, this hasn’t deterred the government from targeting Christians.

From January 2016 to July 2016 there were 1,606 recorded violations of religious freedom in the country. These violations included destruction of churches, church property, and arbitrary arrests of Christians.

Barroso said Christians face "the problem of destroying or even burning things inside the building; not to mention, the threat of physical violence that comes with the territory of being a Christian in Cuba.”

Despite the threats, however, Barroso remains hopeful for Christians in Cuba.

"The reason the government sometimes tries to silence the Church or to close down church buildings is because it is worried about how many people are turning away from the state and looking to God (and the Church) for answers and for hope," he said.


Publication date: September 16, 2016