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Cruz Surges into Second Place in Recent Poll

Amanda Casanova | Contributor | Updated: Nov 24, 2015

Cruz Surges into Second Place in Recent Poll

Texas Senator and Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz is growing more popular in polls.

According to ABC News, Cruz has jumped to second place in the Iowa Republican caucus poll.

"The difference over the last two or three months each time he comes to the state, it just seems like there’s more excitement and people seem to be starting to understand that they have their champion in this election cycle," Cruz's Iowa State Director Bryan English said.

English said Iowa voters are looking to support a candidate who can make it past the early states. In the past Iowa favorites such as Rick Santorum and Mike Huckabee haven't been able to do so.

“There is a great deal of frustration that the last two times, those candidates weren’t able to take that caucus win and turn it into a nomination," English said.

Since July, Cruz has been behind Trump and Carson in polls. 

In the last 50 days or so, Cruz has made about five trips to Iowa and fundraising efforts have stepped up to allow more radio and television ads in Iowa.

English said that Cruz appeals to evangelicals, moderate Republicans and libertarians, and even some Democrats. 

"We are in great shape here in Iowa, but unlike many other campaigns, we don’t have to win Iowa in order to keep working to the nomination," he said. "We already have the infrastructure in the early states, up to and including the SEC primary states, to continue earning delegates long after Feb. 1."

Publication date: November 24, 2015

Cruz Surges into Second Place in Recent Poll