Company Releases First Transgender Doll

Veronica Neffinger | iBelieve Contributor | Wednesday, February 22, 2017
Company Releases First Transgender Doll

Company Releases First Transgender Doll

The Tonner Doll Company is planning to release its first transgender doll, based on a real-life transgender teenager.

According to NewsChannel 4 KFOR, the doll is modeled after 16-year-old Jazz Jennings, a transgender teen who was born a boy, but transitioned to identify as a girl.

Jennings has written a memoir titled Being Jazz: My Life as a (Transgender) Teen. The doll will be dressed in jean shorts and a red shirt--the same as Jazz is dressed in on the book cover of her memoir. Tonner has also created a version of the doll which comes dressed in a sparkling white ballerina dress.

“Jazz stands for everything I respect from a human nature point of view,” Tonner said in a statement. “She’s incredibly brave, intelligent, warm-hearted and creative.”

The dolls are being marketed to children, rather than to adults as a collectible item.

Jazz herself praised the creation of the doll, stating, “I hope that it can place transgender people in a positive light by showing that we are just like all other people.”

Jazz reportedly began transitioning into a girl at the age of five. 


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Publication date: February 22, 2017

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