CNN Anchor Compares Jews to ISIS

Veronica Neffinger | iBelieve Contributor | Updated: Dec 15, 2015

CNN Anchor Compares Jews to ISIS

A CNN News anchor recently compared terrorism committed by Jews to radical Islamic terrorism.

Charisma News reports that while arguing with former Ronald Reagan White House administrator Jeffrey Lord, CNN anchor Ashleigh Banfield stated, “I'm telling you that there have been that many terrorist attacks by Jews and no one's suggesting that all Jews should be wiped out of this country for visiting. It's the same thing."

Ron Cantor of Charisma News strongly disagrees with Banfield’s statement.

“First,” says Cantor, “there is no Jewish Terror problem in the U.S. She refers to the group, the Jewish Defense League (JDL) and then compares this tiny fringe group that hasn't done anything in 15 years to the present threat of Radical Islam in the U.S.”

Cantor goes on to break down and refute Banfield’s assertion, stating that “Far less than 1% of Israelis embrace such acts [of terror]. However 7-15% of Muslims are radicals or 100,000,000 to 200,000,000!!!”

Cantor further notes that Israelis do not have any prominent radical groups such as al-Qaeda, ISIS, Hamas, or Hezbollah.

In a direct address to the news anchor, Cantor says, “And Ashleigh, before you ignorantly say that Israel is the Jewish version of ISIS, let me remind you that Israel has given back to Arabs more territory (after winning them when attacked by Arabs) than the total of her present landmass.”

Cantor calls on CNN to suspend Banfield for her false claim and inappropriate comparison.

Publication date: December 15, 2015

CNN Anchor Compares Jews to ISIS