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Church of Christ Sues in Pursuit of Same-Sex Marriage

Carrie Dedrick | Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Church of Christ Sues in Pursuit of Same-Sex Marriage

The United Church of Christ is leading an effort to sue in favor of same-sex marriage in North Carolina. The church says that the state’s current ban on same-sex marriage is in violation of their First Amendment right to freedom of religion.

Pastors from Unitarian Universalist and Lutheran denominations will join in on the lawsuit, as well as a rabbi Charisma News reports.

The attack is the first of its kind. No other person or group has filed a lawsuit in favor of gay marriage claiming the ban goes against their faith.

“We are taking a stand for the freedom of religion,” Rev. Geoffrey Black, United Church of Christ president said.

Currently, the state of North Carolina does not permit gay couples to obtain marriage licenses. If a minister or rabbi would perform a marriage ceremony for a homosexual couple, it is considered a misdemeanor with a penalty of $200 in fines.

The church recently held a news conference at the Holy Covenant United Church of Christ. A banner was hung that read, “Jesus didn’t reject.”

Nearly 1 million people are members of the church in the U.S.


Publication date: April 30, 2014