Church Erects Billboard with Strong Message to Donald Trump

Carrie Dedrick | Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Church Erects Billboard with Strong Message to Donald Trump

A New Zealand church is hoping to persuade American voters to elect a presidential candidate other than Donald Trump. 

The Community of Saint Luke in Auckland has erected a billboard depicted the Republican presidential candidate in cartoon form with a hammer in hand saying, “I don’t like losers.” Next to him is Jesus on the cross. 

The Community of Saint Luke minister Glynn Cardy said that the billboard is intended to point out Trump’s tendency to resort to name-calling and past comments about women, Mexicans, and Muslims. 

Cardy said Jesus “sided with minorities and those who were most vulnerable,” the people who would be considered “losers” today. 

“For those of us at St Luke’s, the cross is about politics. Jesus was killed – violently, publicly and shamefully – because he spoke truth to power and confronted the leaders of his day about their treatment of the outcasts,” Cardy said. “To the Trumps of his day, and to those who see winners as having money and power, the Jesus of the Bible was a loser who associated with those rejected by society. And he died broke.”

The Blaze reports that the church plans to keep the billboard up until the Republican nominee for president is determined. 

Publication date: March 9, 2016