Christians Targeted in Al-Shabaab Kenya University Massacre

Carrie Dedrick | Monday, April 6, 2015

Christians Targeted in Al-Shabaab Kenya University Massacre

A brutal massacre at a Kenya university claimed the lives of 147 people Thursday (April 2). Four gunmen from terrorist group al-Shabaab stormed the dormitories of Garissa University College, singling out Christians to kill. 

An additional 100 people were injured; 500 traumatized students survived the Maundy Thursday terrorist attack. 

The attack extended 13 hours before Kenyan security forces regained control. 

In a post on, Terry Mattingly says that all media outlets stressed the significance of targeting Christians except The Washington Post. 

Mattingly quoted The Washington Post’s story on the attack:

“NAIROBI -- Rescuers removed bodies of students from dormitories at a university in eastern Kenya Friday and airlifted injured survivors to the capital, one day after al-Shabab Islamist militants stormed the dorms and killed at least 147 people, most of them sleeping college students.

“Thursday’s massacre at Garissa University College at about 5:30 a.m. local time was the worst terrorist attack on Kenyan soil in nearly two decades and renewed fears that al-Shabab can still wage significant – and horrific – operations from its strongholds in neighboring Somalia.

“A student at Garissa University, who asked not to be named because of fears for his safety, said the government was retrieving bodies Friday. He said casualties littered the dormitory floors, most of them suffering from bullet wounds.”

The Post does not mention that Christians were targeted in the attack until the 15th paragraph. 

“I could not find one (news story) that buried the "Christian" angle deeper than the Post story,” Mattingly wrote. 

Publication date: April 6, 2015

Christians Targeted in Al-Shabaab Kenya University Massacre