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Christianity Today Speaks Out in Support of Traditional Marriage

Carrie Dedrick | Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Christianity Today Speaks Out in Support of Traditional Marriage

In the wake of Tony Campolo’s announcement that he supports gay marriage, Christianity Today editor Mark Galli has expressed the magazine’s dissenting viewpoint. 

In an article titled “Breaking News: 2 Billion Christians Believe in Traditional Marriage,” Galli writes that former Christianity Today editor David Neff voiced support for Campolo but the magazine still believes in biblical marriage. 

In an email to Galli, Neff said, “I think the ethically responsible thing for gay and lesbian Christians to do is to form lasting, covenanted partnerships. I also believe that the church should help them in those partnerships in the same way the church should fortify traditional marriages.”

Galli wrote that the magazine staff is “saddened” to hear that Neff, who served as editor until 2013, has sided with Campolo on the controversial topic. 

“We still firmly believe that the Bible teaches that God intends the most intimate of covenant relationships to be enjoyed exclusively by a man and a woman,” he wrote. 

“We’ve stated this view explicitly in many editorials, and it is implicit but clear in many of our feature stories.”

The current Christianity Today editor also said that the church is still largely committed to supporting traditional marriage. Christians who support gay marriage are in the minority and churches that “ascribe to a more liberal sexual ethic” are suffering. Galli does not believe the church is on the verge of collapse due as it upholds scripture. 

Publication date: June 10, 2015