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Christian University Professor Fired for His Picture on Beer Can

Carrie Dedrick | Monday, June 2, 2014

Christian University Professor Fired for His Picture on Beer Can

A professor was terminated from his position on the Charleston Southern University faculty after his image appeared on a beer can. Paul Roof, an associate professor of sociology, says the Christian university fired him after a picture of Roof with his iconic beard surfaced on a can of beer produced by Holy City Brewing.

The company did not pay Roof to use the picture, which was taken at a beard and mustache competition last year. Holy City Brewing also did not inform Roof that his image would be featured on the “Chucktown Follicle Brown” cans until the cans were in production.

Charleston Southern University, which is associated with the South Carolina Baptist Convention allegedly fired Roof because his image on a beer can “was not representative of a Christian environment,” Roof said.

Roof says that that the actions of the university do not go along with Christian teachings. “For me a Christian environment entails two things: looking out for other people and forgiveness of others who’ve transgressed you,” he said.

The BLAZE reports that the professor is now planning to hire a lawyer in his defense.