Christian Band We Are Messengers Miraculously Survive Terrible Accident

Veronica Neffinger | iBelieve Contributor | Friday, March 31, 2017

Christian Band We Are Messengers Miraculously Survive Terrible Accident

Members of the Irish Christian band We Are Messengers were recently involved in a terrible vehicle accident and thanked God they survived.

The accident occurred while the band was on tour, traveling in their tour bus south of Atlanta, Georgia. It was night and there was a car with its lights off sitting in the road. The driver of the band’s tour bus did not see the car until it was too late and crashed into it, causing a terrible accident, accompanied by a fiery explosion.

Miraculously, none of the band members or their bus driver were killed, although, sadly, the driver of the car died.

Band member Darren Mulligan took to Facebook to express his gratitude to God for saving their lives, as well as to encourage prayers to be made for the family of the man killed in the crash.

"We should all be dead, but the Lord is good. God is still good, even in the tragedy that we've all been apart of, God is still good. The devil's trying to tear us apart, our family, what we do, this ministry. He's not going to win. We're going to press in, we're going to keep loving. We're going to keep chasing after what God has put in our hearts," he said. "When all of this is said and done, I hope that we can all love each other the way Christ did."

In a previous interview, Mulligan discussed how being a Christian affects every area of his life:

"I am a Christian daddy, a Christian husband, a Christian racquetball player. I'm a Christian voter, I am a Christian gardener. Whatever I do, I do it in His name. The fact that I can breathe today —  I'm a Christian breather,” said Mulligan. “I don't deserve to have breath in my bones but He said you can breathe today Darren. And He said, you can go and hold your wife's hand today. And so I'm a Christian hand-holder and that's a stupid thing to say, but it's the truth."


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Publication date: March 31, 2017