Christian Aid Mission: Refugee Crisis is Opportunity to Share Christ’s Love

Amanda Casanova | Contributor | Friday, September 11, 2015

Christian Aid Mission: Refugee Crisis is Opportunity to Share Christ’s Love

Christian Aid Mission says that the millions of refugees in Syria are a chance for Christians to show love to others.

Steve Van Valkenburg, Christian Aid Mission’s area director for the Middle East, told The Christian Post this week that the fighting in Syria has displaced millions.

"I think that a lot of refugees see that there is something different there, they see the Muslim on Muslim fighting, and then they see how the Christians are reaching out with love and caring — that has to do something with their hearts," Valkenburg said.

Christian Aid Mission, a nonprofit organization, provides prayer and financial help to more than 500 ministries overseas. 

"Really what they need is someone to listen to their story, to cry with them, to pray with them," he said.

"It's more than just giving a box every week from a container, it's actually having somebody show care."

Christian Aid Mission is currently working with 16 indigenous groups in Syria and nearby countries.

"The heart of the Christian wants to show love in the name of Christ," he said.

Germany has welcomed about 800,000 refugees.

"There are all kinds of people that are coming into Europe. There are some that are terrorist minded, there are some who are becoming Christ followers, there are some that are just disillusioned," he said.

"There is great opportunity for ministry among those people. They are basically going into Europe with nothing, except scars and heartache and desperation, and it's a great opportunity to reach out."

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Publication date: September 11, 2015