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China: 20 Christians Beaten, Couple Imprisoned for Hanging Up Cross

Veronica Neffinger | iBelieve Contributor | Wednesday, October 26, 2016

China: 20 Christians Beaten, Couple Imprisoned for Hanging Up Cross

More than 20 Chinese Christians have been beaten and another Christian couple has been imprisoned as China’s government continues its crackdown on Christianity.

According to ChristianToday.com, police officers detained and beat more than 20 people who are part of a house church in Henan province. The victims were then arrested.

President of the Chinese House Church Alliance, Zhang Mingxuan, said the police’s actions were "against the national constitution and laws for house church believers.”

"A lot of problems have been caused because they [the public security bureau personnel] control, attack and persecute Christianity in Henan," he added. "I hope the international community will pray for them."

Another incident occurred when a Christian couple, along with a visiting guest, were detained and arrested “because they displayed a cross in their home,” according to Christian ministry China Aid.

The couple, whose names are Dai and Li, also were subjected to a raid on their house and some of the religious items they owned were confiscated.

Dai has been released, but Li remains in custody along with the couple’s guest.

China’s government under President Xi Jinping has become more and more hostile to religion, and particularly Christianity.

More human rights activists and lawyers have been arrested in the past two years than in the previous two decades combined. Churches have also been targeted and up to 1,500 have either been demolished or had their crosses removed. 


Publication date: October 26, 2016