Carly Fiorina and Chris Christie End Presidential Bids

Veronica Neffinger | iBelieve Contributor | Updated: Feb 10, 2016

Carly Fiorina and Chris Christie End Presidential Bids

Former Hewlett-Packard CEO and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie have both announced that they are suspending their campaigns.

USA Today reports that Fiorina decided to end her presidential bid after a disappointing outcome in Tuesday’s New Hampshire primary. Christie also had a disappointing finish in the primary.

Fiorina received only four percent of the vote in New Hampshire, finishing third to last, ahead of Dr. Ben Carson who received only two percent of the vote and Jim Gilmore who received zero percent. 

Christie received 7.4 percent of the vote in New Hampshire, although he had a strong debate performance in Saturday's GOP debate. 

CNN reports that it was rumored that Christie would be suspending his campaign after the primary results came in, and he has now officially made that decision.

In her statement suspending her campaign, Fiorina said, "While I suspend my candidacy today, I will continue to travel this country and fight for those Americans who refuse to settle for the way things are and a status quo that no longer works for them," Fiorina said in a statement.

The former Hewlett-Packard CEO was unsuccessful in her attempt to appeal to ABC News to allow her a place on the stage in last Saturday’s GOP debate. 

In a letter of appeal to ABC News, she argued that “our debate process is broken.” She also addressed young girls and women, stating, “To young girls and women across the country, I say:  do not let others define you. Do not listen to anyone who says you have to vote a certain way or for a certain candidate because you're a woman. That is not feminism."

Although Fiorina was briefly at the top of the GOP field back in September due to her strong debate performances, she was ultimately unable to maintain enough support.

Neither Fiorina or Christie have not announced who they will be endorsing for president now that they have ended their own presidential bis.

Publication date: February 10, 2016

Carly Fiorina and Chris Christie End Presidential Bids