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Candace Cameron Bure Wears 'Jesus Saves' Shirt on 'The View'

Carrie Dedrick | Updated: May 04, 2016

Candace Cameron Bure Wears 'Jesus Saves' Shirt on 'The View'

Candace Cameron Bure sparked an outpouring of opinions by wearing a shirt that read “Jesus Saves, Bro” on a recent episode of “The View.” 

The outspoken Christian actress posted a photo of herself wearing the long-sleeved gray shirt on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. At the time of publication, her Facebook photo had received over 89,000 likes and over 1,200 shares. 

The Christian Post reports that many commenters accused Bure of pushing Christianity onto others. However, a seeming majority praised her effort to share her faith in a suppressive industry. 

A previous Christian Post article discussed the pressure on Bure to be perfect. Christians often argue that she is not conservative enough, while others call her too conservative. 

Bure has resigned that she will never be able to please everyone. 

She wrote for, "When I was on 'Dancing With the Stars,' for example, I was constantly hearing from people who thought that my costumes weren't appropriate.” 

She continued, "On 'Fuller House,' people were sad that my character made certain choices. Even with 'The View,' people say I'm not speaking up enough for conservative values and that I allow myself to get walked on. Everyone has an opinion!"

Publication date: May 4, 2016

Candace Cameron Bure Wears 'Jesus Saves' Shirt on 'The View'