California Church Providing Shelter, Necessities to Those Fleeing Wildfires

Veronica Neffinger | iBelieve Contributor | Friday, October 13, 2017

California Church Providing Shelter, Necessities to Those Fleeing Wildfires

The wildfires in northern California continue to spread and cause destruction. The death toll is now at 31 people. Additionally, the fires have burned through 170,000 acres of land, destroyed thousands of homes and businesses, and forced 20,000 people to evacuate.

In the midst of this destruction, however, a California church is offering a place of safety. According to The Christian Post, members of the Influence Church in Anaheim Hills have not only opened the church to those in need, but have opened their own homes.

"During the evacuation, church members and staff helped neighbors move stuff out of their houses. We prayed for those that were in distress during that time. It was like chaos around here," Pastor Phil Hotsenpiller told The Christian Post.

The church is especially close to the “Canyon Fire 2” which began on Monday. This particular fire is reportedly about 60 percent contained.

Pastor Hotsenpiller continued: “We gave out water. We offered housing. We probably had 50 of our members offer homes for people to stay in. If they didn't want to do that, we offered to pay for their hotel. Although we didn't have anyone take us up on the hotel, on the rooms they did."

A coffee shop near the church also offered free coffee to those fleeing the fires.


Photo courtesy: ©Thinkstock/CarbonBrain

Publication date: October 13, 2017