California Bill Modernizes Birth Certificates for Gay Parents

Carrie Dedrick | Tuesday, May 27, 2014

California Bill Modernizes Birth Certificates for Gay Parents

A California bill that allows gay parents to identify as “parent” instead of “mother” or “father” on birth certificates was passed by the state assembly. The bill also allows multiple people to be listed as parents on birth certificates, with no limit given.

The bill seeks to adhere to the shifting definition of family in society.

“The definition of a family needs to be more flexible, and same-sex parents should not be discriminated against when filling out a birth certificate,” said Democrat Assemblyman Jimmy Gomez.

Critics fear that the bill will cause confusion for children of gay parents.

Brad Dacus, religious liberty attorney for Pacific Justice Institute said, “It creates greater confusion with regards to the identity of a mother and a father and the role that they play.”

The bill will “prove, undoubtedly, to be a huge disservice to the healthy development of children,” he continued.

The legislation will next be presented at the state senate the Christian Examiner reports.

Dacus believes that other states that have legalized gay marriage will soon propose similar pieces of legislation.


Publication date: May 27, 2014