Buzzfeed Reports Influential Christian Women are against Trump—But Not for Clinton

Amanda Casanova | Contributor | Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Buzzfeed Reports Influential Christian Women are against Trump—But Not for Clinton

Evangelical women who are conservative but “believe in treating LGBT people with love” and who go “wine tasting but don’t get wasted” are feeling “politically homeless” this election, writes Anne Helen Petersen, senior culture writer for BuzzFeed.

These woman, who range from their 20s to their 40s, are Xvangelicals, the “New Evangelical Woman.”

“She is relentlessly joyful,” Petersen says. “She loves to hug. But some combination of factors — social media, the increased number of out LGBT men and women, the changing contours of the cultural landscape — have made it so that, increasingly, this woman is not defining herself apart from the secular world, but very much a part of it, and serves God, and spreads His word, from there.”

But this new Evangelical Woman is “repulsed by Donald Trump” and also doesn’t want to vote in a candidate that protects the right to abortion.

“I don’t ever remember an election feeling this intense, or your vote seeming to define who you are,” Leanne, a thirtysomething from Columbia, South Carolina, said. “You feel so scared you might make the wrong decision.”

One of the most notable New Evangelical women is Jen Hatmaker, who recently became controversial for supporting same-sex marriage.

She has said she is voting for Clinton.

“As a believer, I’m devastated at how successful (Trump) has been in pandering to our lowest, basest selves,” she explained. “The selves that are afraid of anybody that does not fit our demographic. The selves that close our arms and our hearts to victims and vulnerable people. He has exposed the darkest corners of our human hearts and then given them free rein to live out in the open. That scares me.”


Publication date: November 8, 2016