Bulgaria: Muslims Unite to Restore Christian Church

Carrie Dedrick | Updated: Apr 12, 2016

Bulgaria: Muslims Unite to Restore Christian Church

A group of Muslims in the Bulgarian village of Kozlets recently united to restore a Christian church in their community. According to Christian Today, the Muslims led the fundraising of over $1,100 to restore the church’s belfry, which was at risk of collapsing onto the roof, harming congregants inside. 

The Church of the Archangel Michael serves Kozlets’s approximately 60 Christians. The village includes about 600 people total. 

Village mayor Kadir Beynur said that the fundraising effort was an act of kindness for the Christian villagers. 

"It was possible that it would fall and bring down the roof with it. This very much worried the Christians in the village. So we decided to raise money,” Beynur said. 

In addition to the belfry restoration, the church’s fence was repaired and interior refurbished. Members of the community donated everything that was needed for the interior restoration as well. 

Beynur said, "From what I can remember my parents, our Muslim community and Christians who once were a majority in the village, we lived together. The communities were united by faith and jointly celebrated each other's holidays. This is an absolute sign that not only people becoming more strong in faith, but in a village where there are Muslims and Christians, all have played their part, rolled up their sleeves and taken care of their houses of prayer. Kozlets is a true example of tolerance, especially in these times when it is so important and necessary."

Publication date: April 12, 2016

Bulgaria: Muslims Unite to Restore Christian Church