Brain Dead Teen Wakes Up from Coma after Friend Prays for Her

Carrie Dedrick | Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Brain Dead Teen Wakes Up from Coma after Friend Prays for Her

A teenage girl who was pronounced brain dead and taken off life support survived after a family friend prayed for her healing. 

Taylor Hale, now 18, was 14 when she fell off the hood of a car while goofing off with friends. Her head hit pavement and was unresponsive for six days. It was then that a family friend asked Hale’s parents to come to the hospital to pray for their daughter. 

Jeff Stickel laid a hand on Hale’s neck and prayed for her healing. By then, the teen’s brain had sank into her spinal canal, an injury that doctors said was irreversible. 

Hale’s parents took the teen off life support at the advice of doctors, but she responded, trying to take a breath on her own. Hale was reconnected to life support and gained brain activity throughout the day, USA Today reports. 

After years of therapy, Hale can now eat, talk and walk on her own. She struggles with math and test anxiety after the accident, but will graduate this week with her class. Hale plans to go to college to study event planning. 

Hale’s father, Chuck Hale, credits God with his daughter’s life. 

“It was the hand of God at work. That’s the only thing that can explain it,” he said. 

Hale agrees that she is alive today because God performed a miracle. 

"God can save people," she said. "I'm always thankful to all the doctors and nurses and therapists who helped me get better, but God did most of the saving."

Publication date: May 19, 2015