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Bobby Jindal Drops Out of Presidential Race

Carrie Dedrick | Updated: Nov 18, 2015

Bobby Jindal Drops Out of Presidential Race

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal has dropped out of the 2016 presidential race. The Republican candidate told Fox News’ Bret Baier that “this is not my time.”  

Jindal said, "Going forward, I believe we have to be the party of growth and we can never stop being the party that believes in opportunity. We cannot settle for the left's view of envy and division. We have to be the party that says everyone in this country - no matter the circumstances of their birth or who their parents are - can succeed in America."

Fox News reports Jindal’s campaign did not take off due to a lack of funding and exposure on prime-time events. Jindal had hoped to gain support from Evangelical voters, but was overshadowed by other candidates including Donald Trump, Ben Carson, and Marco Rubio. 

Jindal says he will support the eventual Republican presidential nominee. 

"At the end of the day I trust the American people to select our nominee for the next president. I want someone who's got the smarts to make big changes,” he said. 

Curt Anderson, Jindal’s campaign strategist said, "He's been thinking about it for a few weeks. It's not easy. He's a fighter and his instinct is to never give up, but also you have to be realistic in politics."

Publication date: November 18, 2015

Bobby Jindal Drops Out of Presidential Race