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Blind Woman Says She Now Can See after Visiting Church

Veronica Neffinger | iBelieve Contributor | Thursday, February 9, 2017
Blind Woman Says She Now Can See after Visiting Church

Blind Woman Says She Now Can See after Visiting Church

A 31-year-old mother of four says she miraculously received her vision back after visiting a church.

Dafne Gutierrez was told by doctors that she has intracranial hypertension which damages optic nerves and means she will lose her eyesight and never get it back. Gutierrez went blind about a year ago, but that changed after she visited the St. Joseph Maronite Catholic Church in Phoenix, Arizona.

While at the church Gutierrez prayed with a priest while she stood over the relics of Saint Charbel, a Lebanese monk.

"I felt different in my body," she said. "I can't explain what I was feeling."

Three days later, Gutierrez had regained her sight. When she went to her doctor, she was told she had 20/20 vision.

"I told my doctor that I knew God had healed me," she said. "He kept asking me, 'Where did you go? What did they do to you?' He told me it was all in my head," she added. "He told me to come back in 72 hours."

Although Gutierrez’ doctor remains skeptical, she has faith that God truly has healed her.

"They say they don't know if I'm going to wake up tomorrow with no vision," she said. "I have faith that I'm going to keep staying like this."


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Publication date: February 9, 2017

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