Ben Carson: Border with Mexico Can be Secured ‘in Less Than a Year’

Veronica Neffinger | iBelieve Contributor | Friday, November 13, 2015

Ben Carson: Border with Mexico Can be Secured ‘in Less Than a Year’

Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson said on Thursday (Nov. 12) that securing the U.S.-Mexico border would not take more than a year if politicians “agree upon doing it.”

ABC News reports that Carson, who is one of the frontrunners and political outsiders in the 2016 presidential race, spoke on border and immigration issues to a telephone town hall audience in Arizona.

 Carson told the audience that with double fencing, increased Border Patrol officers, National Guard troops, and use of technology, the border would be able to be secured in “less than a year.”

“All we have to do is agree upon doing it. And I believe we wouldn't have any problem doing that in less than a year," Carson told the call-in audience. "I don't make political promises, but that's as close to one (as) I would make."

Carson added that he would allow those already in the country illegally to stay as guest workers, but would not make a clear path to citizenship for them. He would also require them to register within six months.

"If they don't get registered during that six-month period they are illegals and will be treated accordingly," Carson said. "But if they get registered during that time and they have a pristine record they will be able to be guest workers in areas where we need guest workers. They have to pay a back tax penalty and they have to pay taxes going forward."

Carson also warned that not securing the border properly could leave the country vulnerable to terrorist infiltration.

"When you consider there's a global jihad movement going on and that they are very desirous of planting their people within our society we should be doubly concerned about this rather than lackadaisical," he said.

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Publication date: November 13, 2015