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Belgian Terror Suspect Admits to Being the ‘Man in the Hat’

Mickey McLean | WORLD News Service | Monday, April 18, 2016

Belgian Terror Suspect Admits to Being the ‘Man in the Hat’

The Federal Prosecution Office in Brussels confirmed April 9 that arrested terror suspect Mohamed Abrini was the third man present at Brussels Airport during the March 22 terror bombing there.

Abrini, who was arrested in a police raid April 8 in Brussels, “confessed his presence at the crime scene” after being interrogated by investigators, according to the Prosecution Office.

Belgian authorities had been seeking the “man in the hat” who was shown alongside the two suicide bombers in a surveillance video just prior to the attack at the airport that killed 16 people. Officials also had recently released additional footage of the man walking down sidewalks and in front of a hotel, seeking information on his whereabouts.

In addition to Abrini, four others were arrested and charged with participating in “terrorist murders” and the “activities of a terrorist group” in connection to the attacks at the airport and a Brussels subway station. The combined terror attacks killed 32 people and wounded 270 others. Two other suspects arrested earlier in the week were released “after thorough interrogation,” the Prosecution Office said. Another suspect was arrested earlier in the day.

Courtesy: WORLD News Service

Publication date: April 18, 2016