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Baylor University Drops Ban on Homosexual Acts

Amanda Casanova | Contributor | Updated: Jul 08, 2015

Baylor University Drops Ban on Homosexual Acts

Baylor University, the world’s largest Baptist college, has lifted its ban on “homosexual acts” in the school’s sexual conduct policy.

"These changes were made because we didn't believe the language reflected Baylor's caring community," spokeswoman Lori Fogleman said in an email to the Houston Chronicle.

Students, alumni and others had appealed for years to the private Texas-based university to drop the ban on gay sex, according to the Houston Chron.

Under the new policy, which was approved by Baylor’s board in May, the university will be guided by "the biblical understanding that human sexuality is a gift from God." Sex "is to be expressed in the context of marital fidelity."

The school still advises students against “deviating” from the “biblical norm.” 

Baylor University’s original policy called “homosexual acts” a “misuse of God’s gift.” The policy also included sexual abuse, sexual harassment, incest, adultery and sexual assault.

In 2013, the student government at the college passed a vote to change the policy, but then-student body president Wesley Hodges vetoed the motion.

In this year’s Princeton Review of “Most LGBT-unfriendly” schools, Baylor appeared at number 12 on the list. 

WNBA player and former Baylor student Brittney Griner released a book last year, saying that Baylor’s policy did not encourage Griner, who is a lesbian, to be proud of her college.

"I would love to be an ambassador for Baylor, to show my school pride, but it's hard to do that — it's hard to stand up and say, 'Baylor is the best!' — when the administration has a written policy against homosexuality," Griner said.

Publication date: July 8, 2015

Baylor University Drops Ban on Homosexual Acts