Barbara Bush, Former First Lady and Political Matriarch, Dies at Age 92

Veronica Neffinger | iBelieve Contributor | Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Barbara Bush, Former First Lady and Political Matriarch, Dies at Age 92

Barbara Bush, the wife of America’s 41st president George H. W. Bush, died Tuesday evening at her home in Houston, Texas. She was 92.

Mrs. Bush has been called “the matriarch of the most successful political dynasty in the modern era.” She was the wife of a president, the mother of another president (George W. Bush), and the mother of two state governors (George W. Bush--Texas and Jeb Bush--Florida).

She created a lasting legacy in her role as First Lady and in her dedication to and support of her family. She was known for being witty, smart, unpretentious, and had a way with words.

She undoubtedly played a major role in her family’s political success. She spoke on the campaign trail both for her husband and her son. As First Lady, she championed the causes of literacy and civil rights.

She once remarked that she would do anything in her power to help her family’s political success, except, she said, “I won’t dye my hair, change my wardrobe or lose weight.”

As previously reported, Mrs. Bush had decided to decline further medical treatment earlier this week and was instead focusing on “comfort care.”

Jim McGrath, a spokesman for the Bush family, shared a statement on Twitter confirming Mrs. Bush’s passing.

He followed that statement up with an update from Jean Becker, chief of staff at the office of George H. W. Bush, on how Mrs. Bush’s husband was handling the sad news.

“So many of you are asking, ‘How is 41?’” posted McGrath. “He of course is broken-hearted to lose his beloved Barbara, his wife of 73 years. He held her hand all day today and was at her side when [sic] left this good earth. Obviously, this is a very challenging time. But it will not surprise all of you who know and love him, that he also is being stoic and strong, and is being lifted up by his large and supportive family. He is determined to be there for them as well. He appreciates all the well wishes and support.”


Photo courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

Publication date: April 18, 2018