Baltimore Residents Unite to Clean Up City after Riots

Carrie Dedrick | Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Baltimore Residents Unite to Clean Up City after Riots

Baltimore residents joined together on Tuesday (April 28) to clean up the city following Monday’s violent riots. The riots were in response to the death of Freddie Gray, a 25-year-old man who died in police custody. 

The Huffington Post reports Baltimore residents came out Tuesday morning with brooms, dustpans and other supplies to clean up glass and other debris that littered streets across the city. 

Nearly 3,000 people attended a Baltimore clean up Facebook event, and many more gathered informally to join the effort.

Baltimore citizen Myra Keane told CBS Baltimore, "I thought it was my civic duty to come out to restore my neighborhood.” 

School was cancelled Tuesday, which also led some local restaurants and community centers to offer children free lunches. Eighty-four percent of Baltimore public school students receive free or reduced lunches, which means some children would not have a meal due to the day off. 

Publication date: April 28, 2015