Author Jon Acuff Under Fire for Support of Cancelling Church on Christmas

Carrie Dedrick | Thursday, December 22, 2016

Author Jon Acuff Under Fire for Support of Cancelling Church on Christmas

Popular author and inspirational speaker Jon Acuff sparked controversy this week for a tweet thanking pastors who have cancelled church this Sunday, Christmas Day. 

The tweet read, "Shoutout to churches cancelling services this Sunday. We pastor's kids often leave faith because the church stole our Christmas every year."

Instantly, the post caused a firestorm of opinions. Most commenters argued that Christmas is about Christ, not presents or family time. Acuff was called an idolater, selfish, and in need of repentance, Charisma News reports. 

He responded to the comments writing, “Here's the crazy thing, my church cancelled service on Sunday morning but they have 4 different Christmas Eve services. It's not like they're turning their back on Jesus at Christmas. 16 hours after they've had their last of 4 services, they're saying ‘Stay at home and celebrate with your family, like a home church.’"

Acuff explained that large churches he knew of planned to hold 12 and 20 services throughout Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. From his point of view as the child of a pastor, he said that offering several Christmas Eve services would be enough. After that the pastor should also be entitled to family time. 

The arguments kept coming, from both sides of the spectrum. 

Acuff finally wrote, "Dear Christians, whenever atheists say we're unloving, this is why. We do this to each other. We've become the people Christ fought against most, the self-righteous religious who have all of the rules but none of the grace. Why do people who don't know my Lord show me more forgiveness than those that do?"

What do you think? Is your church holding services on Christmas Day? Should Christmas be a day off for pastors if services were just held the day before? 


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Publication date: December 22, 2016