Atheist Displays Bible Verse about Women on Truck to Prove a Point

Veronica Neffinger | iBelieve Contributor | Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Atheist Displays Bible Verse about Women on Truck to Prove a Point

A Virginia man has painted a controversial Bible verse on his pickup truck, not because he believes the Bible, but rather because he wants to prove a point.

Tom Hicks is the owner of the black pickup truck and painted on the verse drawn from I Corinthians which reads, “Women shall be silent and submissive” because he wanted people to see how offensive the Bible is.

He also added the Christian fish symbol and the phrase “Read The Bible” to the truck.

"The reason I put this particular message on, I want people to read the Bible, I want them to see this message and say is that true," said Hicks, who says he doesn’t believe in God or the Bible.

"Right now I don't believe there's a God so I guess you would say I'm an Atheist," he added. "It's a hateful, hateful piece of work which Christians try to turn around and they talk about love.”

Often, the message Hicks is trying to get across is misconstrued. Many people think Hicks believes in the Bible himself and have accused him of putting a misogynistic phrase on his truck.

Christians, however, say the verse is taken out of context. "As you look at that, you can definitely see it is completely taken out of context," said Joey Anthony, pastor of Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church. "Especially when you think about what the Bible says." 


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Publication date: May 17, 2017