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At Least 100 Nigerian Schoolgirls Abducted

Russ Jones | Christian Press | Updated: Apr 16, 2014

At Least 100 Nigerian Schoolgirls Abducted

Various news outlets report Muslim terrorists abducted at least 100 Nigerian schoolgirls on Monday at the Government Girls Secondary School in Chibok. Nigerian police claim they can’t confirm who is behind the kidnapping, but named the Islamist group known as Boko Haram as the possible perpetrator.

"Many girls were abducted by the rampaging gunmen who stormed the school in a convoy of vehicles," Emmanuel Sam, an education official in Chibok, told CNN.

A student who eluded her abductors when a truck broke down described the ordeal to CNN.

"They forced us into trucks, buses and vans, some of which were carrying food stuffs and petrol. They left with us in a convoy into the bush," said the student, who declined to be named for security reasons. "A group of motorcyclists flanked the convoy to ensure none of us escaped."

Boko Haram, which means, "Western education is a sin," seeks to rid Christianity and establish a caliphate in northern Nigeria through a anti-government rebellion.

“The inability of the government and military to provide protection for Christians is inexcusable,” said Todd Daniels, regional manager for International Christian Concern. “While certainly there are challenges, the military needs to devote substantial resources to seeing this process brought to an end.”

Daniels maintains there is speculation that some government officials support various groups as a means of gaining political leverage.


Publication date: April 16, 2014

At Least 100 Nigerian Schoolgirls Abducted