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ASU Admits Constitutional Error in Banning Crosses from Football Helmets

Carrie Dedrick | Friday, September 19, 2014

ASU Admits Constitutional Error in Banning Crosses from Football Helmets

Arkansas State University football players will once again be permitted to place cross decals on their helmets after thousands contacted the school. The supporters argued that ASU’s previous orders to remove the crosses was religious discrimination and violated freedom of speech.

Charisma News reports that 25,000 people e-mailed ASU demanding that the football players crosses be put back in place after the American Family Association (AFA) sent an Action Alert to its 1 million supporters. An ASU player also contacted Liberty Institute, which contacted ASU President Charles Welch. 

AFA President Tim Wildmon said, "Arkansas State University football players scored a major win for religious liberties today. We asked our supporters to weigh in, they unified their voice, and religious liberty was heard. This is a victory for all Americans to celebrate. We thank the Liberty Institute for their work in this case and for so quickly reaching out to the university. And we also thank Arkansas State University for rightly protecting the religious liberties of their players by reversing their original mandate to remove the cross from the team helmet."

The crosses were placed on the football helmets in remembrance of two teammates that died. 

Publication date: September 19, 2014