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Are Fidget Spinners Actually Dangerous for Kids?

Ryan Duncan | Contributing Editor | Friday, June 23, 2017

Are Fidget Spinners Actually Dangerous for Kids?

Fidget Spinners, the popular new toy designed to help children with pent up energy, is raising concerns among parents after one child ended in the emergency room. According to FamilyShare, a young boy was rushed to the hospital after an air compressor he was using to spin the tiny toy exploded, cutting him badly on the lip. The boy received 30 stiches but is expected to make a full recovery. However, the news has prompted other parents to share their harmful incidents with the toy.

A mother in Texas reported that her daughter was able to remove one of the bearings in her Fidget Spinner and swallowed it. The child then began choking and required surgery to remove the piece. Emily Brady of FamilyShare has advised parents that the best way to avoid serious injury is to supervise children when they’re playing, as nearly all toys can be potentially dangerous to kids.

(Image Credit:Thinkstock/ThamKC)

*Published 6/23/2017