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Apple Removes Pro-life App from App Store

Veronica Neffinger | iBelieve Contributor | Updated: Oct 12, 2017

Apple Removes Pro-life App from App Store

Influential media icon Apple has reportedly removed a pro-life app from its iOS App Store after the app received criticism from pro-abortion media.

According to, Human Coalition launched an app on the App Store which allows individuals and church groups to pray for women considering getting an abortion in real time. The women remain anonymous, but Human Coalition hoped that the app would be a way for pro-life advocates to be aware of specific prayer needs.

There was much pushback against the app from pro-abortion media, however. In a Slate article, Christina Cauterucci penned a sarcastic piece:

“With the help of an app developed by the anti-abortion Human Coalition, it was easy! I saved real-live babies from the clutches of money-grubbing abortion providers with just a couple dozen swipes of my right thumb, as if I were paging through Tinder or wiping a little schmutz off the screen of my phone.
You too can be a baby-saving hero. Your superpower awaits at your favored app store, searchable under ‘Human Coalition.’”

Amelia Tait at The New Statesman also criticized the app: “Are digital anti-abortion prayers sanctioned by the church? Do they reach God? Though these questions may seem faintly ridiculous, their answers seem more important than ever. When it comes to the tech behind these anti-abortion apps however, that is where people – religious or not – might do well to lose a little faith.”

These articles reportedly caused Apple to pull the app from the App Store.

“In July, on the heels of pro-abortion media pushback, Apple notified us that they had removed the Human Coalition app from the App Store, citing violations of certain functionality requirements. However, Human Coalition spoke with Apple and demonstrated that not only were the cited requirements met, but that the Human Coalition app exceeded minimum requirements and functioned better than similar apps from other developers,” a Human Coalition spokesperson told LifeNews.

The spokesperson added that Apple refused to give a specific change the app developers could make to allow the app to be accepted on the App Store.

This incident comes in the wake of another pro-life censorship incident. As previously reported, Twitter recently pulled a campaign ad from its platform which condemned Planned Parenthood.


Photo courtesy: ©Thinkstock/Blackzheep

Publication date: October 12, 2017

Apple Removes Pro-life App from App Store