Anti-Trump Protests Continue, Police Label Some as Riots

Veronica Neffinger | iBelieve Contributor | Friday, November 11, 2016

Anti-Trump Protests Continue, Police Label Some as Riots

Anti-Trump protests continued for the second night as many expressed their disapproval of the election results.

According to, police in Portland, Oregon even labelled some protests as riots. In Oregon, rioting is a Class C felony.

Although some protests were peaceful, the protesters in Portland resorted to smashing windshields and spray-painting buildings. About 29 people were arrested.

The state Department of Transportation was also forced to shut down Interstate 5 and parts of Interstate 84 due to the protests.

Portland police issued a statement saying, "People attending any of the various protest events are encouraged to obey all laws and be respectful of others who are using city streets, freeways and mass transit. Marching into and blocking streets is illegal, and dangerous to protesters as well as road users and has a significantly negative impact to our community. Pedestrians walking on the freeway is illegal and extremely dangerous to all road users.”

In New York City, protesters again gathered outside Trump Tower in Manhattan.

Protester David Thomas expressed why he joined the demonstration.

"You got everything straight up and down the line. You got climate change, you got the Iran deal. You got gay rights, you got mass deportations. Just everything, straight up and down the line, the guy is wrong on every issue."

President-elect Trump met with President Obama yesterday in what political commentators seemed to agree was a very civil, successful first meeting.


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Publication date: November 11, 2016

Anti-Trump Protests Continue, Police Label Some as Riots