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Ancient Collection of Rare Bibles to be Sold at Auction

Veronica Neffinger | iBelieve Contributor | Thursday, October 13, 2016

Ancient Collection of Rare Bibles to be Sold at Auction

A collection of ancient and rare Bibles and biblical manuscripts belonging to the deceased theologian Charles Ryrie will be sold at auction.

According to ChristianToday.com, Ryrie, who passed away last January and was known for being a proponent of dispensationalist theology and writing a widely-read study Bible, was also an avid collector of rare Bibles and manuscripts.

He had about 200 Bibles and manuscripts in his collection, ranging from different time periods.

He owned a 10th-century “Benton Gospels in Greek,” estimated to be worth $50-$80,000, a 13th-century Italian Bible manuscript written in Latin, estimated at $150-$250,000, two pages of the famous Gutenberg Bible, estimated at $50-$70,000, as well as many early English Bible translations.

Perhaps his most noteworthy and most expensive collectible is a copy of John Wycliffe's New Testament, printed in England around 1430 and estimated to be worth $500-$800,000.

Ryrie’s collection also includes a copy of the Authorized King James Version, estimated at $400-$600,000, as well as a copy of the Bible written in the Massachusett Native American language, which was the first Bible printed in America.

Ryrie’s family has said that they hope his collection will be enjoyed by other collectors who will value the Bibles and manuscripts.

"While our father's collecting was largely a private endeavour, he keenly enjoyed sharing his books and knowledge with a small group of collectors, libraries, and dealers. We are sure that he would be pleased to know that his collection will now go to other collectors just as dedicated and as passionate he was,” they said. 


Publication date: October 13, 2016