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American Bible Society Set to Sell Broadway Skyscraper

Carrie Dedrick | Thursday, March 27, 2014

American Bible Society Set to Sell Broadway Skyscraper

The American Bible Society is set to sell its building on Broadway in New York City. The 12-story skyscraper is currently home to Evangelical organizations including Q Ideas, Redeemer Presbyterian Church’s Center for Faith & Work and the Museum of Biblical Art and Young Life.

The prime real estate location has been owned by ABS since 1966, and many are expressing their surprise at the decision. Doug Birdsall, former president of ABS said, “It’s the best Christian real estate in the country, some of the best Christian real estate in the world”

Chairman of the ABS board Pieter Dearolf assured the public that the change of address would not mean that the organization would leave New York completely. “The decision to sell the property was made to unlock the value of the site to further the mission of American Bible Society,” he said. ”I believe we will always maintain a presence in New York City, the epicenter of American culture and commerce.”

ABS spokesman Geof Morin agreed, saying that the New York City headquarters employs approximately 80 workers. They are currently deciding whether the organization will buy, lease, or rent a new property reports Religion News Service.

The Broadway building will undergo tens of millions of dollars of renovations before it is sold.