Actor, Singer Kevin Quinn Releases New Contemporary Christian Single

  Kayla Koslosky | Editor | Wednesday, August 18, 2021
Kevin Quinn, Quinn releases contemporary Christian song

Actor Kevin Quinn, who recently starred in the faith-based Netflix musical A Week Away, has released a new Christian song called "Wildfire."

"Wildfire" is Quinn's debut single, and he hopes it encourages listeners to dig deep and find the light during dark and difficult days.

"When you're going through the darkest of times, or when the worst thing could possibly happen, it's that wildfire in your heart that gets you through it until the end, that you can find peace and respite and resolution," Quinn, 24, told The Christian Post in an interview.

"I think that was just a metaphor for the song in its entirety," he added.

"There's a wildfire in us all, and that wildfire drives our decision-making. It helps us deal with whatever it is we're dealing with. You could call that God if you wanted to. But that's the general theme of 'Wildfire,' it's just that light inside of us all that lights up the world when it's at its darkest," Quinn told the outlet.

In the song, Quinn sings of how he leans on God even in his brokenness.

The lyrics read, in part, "Even, even if I'm broken / I still keep my hope in / The one who holds me close / There's a wildfire in my heart / And it's brightest in the dark / You're the one that made it start / Your love, it burns like a light / There's a wildfire in my heart."

Quinn, who is signed to the Christian Music Group arm of Capital Records, says he is currently working on making music that crosses between the pop and contemporary Christian genres.

"I felt an obligation to give the CCM community music that they could listen to, music that was uplifting, music that was inspiring, that was hopeful, that was clean," Quinn told The Christian Post.

"I love Jesus, what a blessing that I even get to make music about Jesus according to God's plan. That's awesome," he added after mentioning how convicted he felt to pursue a Christian album after performing in the Christian worship tour Winter Jam 2021.

"Music has always been a significant part of my life," Quinn told PEOPLE Magazine while discussing the new song. "And I'm humbled to be able to make the music I've always wanted to make. What a blessing."

Quinn released his debut EP, Edge of the Worldin 2020. The date of his next album release is still unknown.

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