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Abortion Clinic Owner Becomes Pro-Life Activist

Veronica Neffinger | iBelieve Contributor | Updated: Jun 14, 2016

Abortion Clinic Owner Becomes Pro-Life Activist

A woman who had been part of the abortion industry and had even owned abortion clinics, recently shared the story of how she became a pro-life advocate.

According to, Carol Everett is now a champion of the pro-life cause, speaking about the sanctity of life and the harm of abortion, but that wasn’t always the case.

Everett’s association with the abortion industry began in 1973--the same year the seminal abortion case of Roe v. Wade was passed. Everett’s husband and doctor pressured her to abort her third child, which she did. 

That decision led her in a downward spiral. She began drinking, had an affair, and eventually left her husband.

She began working for a medical supply company, and through this job she saw how much money could be made in the abortion industry. She said she realized that owning an abortion clinic that maintained a high abortion quota would make her a millionaire from the commission she received on each abortion.

Motivated by the need to justify her own abortion and the hope of making a lot of money, Everett opened two abortion clinics and managed four others.

In 1983, however, Everett encountered Christ and her views on abortion radically changed.

Everett is now a pro-life advocate who has started an organization called the Heidi Group which offers life-affirming medical services to pregnant women.

Everett encourages women who are considering abortion to talk to someone who does not have a monetary interest in their decision. 

“Don’t go to an abortion clinic where they’re going to make money, go to a pregnancy health center,” she says. “Sit down; discuss all your options because an abortion is not your only choice. Life is a choice, adoption is a choice, parenting is a choice. Consider all the choices. Do not rush into anything. Someone else’s life and your life depend on your decision.”

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Publication date: June 14, 2016

Abortion Clinic Owner Becomes Pro-Life Activist