Dog Keeps Breaking into Nursery and Mom Is Fed up until She Realizes Her Baby's Not Breathing

An insistent dog saves a baby’s life by constantly breaking into the child’s nursery until her parents realize she’s not breathing. Sometimes being a hero isn't easy. And that was certainly the case for one Massachusetts dog that saved his baby's life!

Christian Mother in Sudan Chained, Called 'Mad' for Her Faith

For leaving Islam to accept Christ, a young mother in Sudan was chained in her home, subjected to electrical shocks at a psychiatric hospital and has lost her children, a local source said.

Incredible Moment Police Found Cleo Smith Alive after the 4-Year-Old was Missing for 2 Weeks

A missing child in Australia was found safe and sound after vanishing for more than two weeks. And the Cleo Smith story is like something out of a movie!

True events like the Cleo Smith story rarely have happy endings. But the rescue of this precious girl is nothing short of a miracle!

Lonely Grandpa Sends Tear-Jerking Text to His Granddaughter Asking Her to Sleepover

This sweet viral video shows a lonely grandpa asking his granddaughter over for a sleepover and the plans that they end up making for the night. Megan Elizabeth is 29 years old, and she grew up in Illinois across the street from her grandparents. Her grandmother died of Alzheimer's a few years ago, but her 92-year-old grandfather is still with us, although his health is declining.

Recently, Megan's grandfather texted her asking is she wanted to have a sleepover at his house. And she made a video that she shared on TikTok where she showed his heartwarming text messages.

Family Flees Vehicle and Jumps into a Ditch to Escape a Tornado

As a tornado swept through the area, intense footage shows one family jumping into a ditch in an effort to find safety. What a terrifying situation! In the video, you can see the family running for their lives. A tornado is right near them and they are acting quickly to get to safety. "Baby, come on! Baby!" the man shouts to the woman as wind and rain are whipping all around them.

The couple decides to leave their RV, thinking that it is more dangerous to stay inside than to seek shelter elsewhere. They ended up taking their dogs and jumping into a ditch as the tornado passed by them. What a scary experience! But that last-minute decision they made to leave their vehicle was the right choice. 

Donny Osmond Highlights the Joys of Being a Grandfather

While Donny Osmond has had a successful career that has brought fame and fortune, he has his priorities correctly aligned. Time is a precious commodity. We only have so much of it, and Donny appears to know what he wants to do with a good portion of his: cherishing his precious grandchildren.

The Inspiring Endurance of George and Norma Strait's 50-Year Marriage

George Strait and his wife were just kids when they ran off to elope, but 50 years later, wow! In a world where divorce is common, these two prove love can conquer. It's such an incredible story. The couple is still just as in love as the day they got hitched.

Iran Releases Yousef Nadarkhani, Other Christians from Prison

Pastor Yousef Nadarkhani, once sentenced to death in Iran for apostasy, was the third Christian convert recently released from prison as part of the government’s annual amnesty marking the anniversary of the 1979 revolution.