Breaking News: 3 Kids, 3 Adults Killed in Mass Shooting at Nashville Christian School


Christian Worship Service Prohibited in Indonesia

A church in Indonesia on Jan. 8 was prohibited from holding a Sunday service in front of a city hall building, where it had gone after losing its prior worship venue in a mall, sources said.

Pastor Shot, Christian Worshippers Kidnapped in Northwest Nigeria

Terrorists attacked a church service in northwestern Nigeria on Sunday (Jan. 15), shot and wounded the pastor and kidnapped 25 congregation members, sources said.

Christian Falsely Accused of Blasphemy in Pakistan, Father Says

His voice shaky, Saleem Masih said his family has been living in fear since Nov. 29, when his son was arrested on false accusations of blasphemy – which can carry the death penalty in Pakistan.

Catholic Priest Burned to Death in NW Nigeria

A Roman Catholic priest in northwest Nigeria was burned to death before dawn on Sunday (Jan. 15) when assailants set his parish living quarters ablaze and wounded an assistant priest, sources said.

Radical Muslims Kill Christian after Religion Debate

A 37-year-old father of four was killed on Jan. 2 after participating in a Christian-Muslim debate in eastern Uganda at which 13 Muslims put their faith in Christ, sources said.

Pastor, Christian Couple Poisoned in Western Uganda

A pastor in western Uganda remains in a hospital Intensive Care Unit after Muslim extremists poisoned him and a Christian couple on Nov. 24, sources said.

Killings in Kaduna State, Nigeria Darken Christmas Season

One Christian was killed and 53 were kidnapped on Dec. 25 in southern Kaduna state, Nigeria after at least 40 Christians were slain in the week leading up to Christmas, sources said.

Pope Benedict XVI Dies at Age 95

The Pope Emeritus, Benedict XVI, passed away on Saturday, December 31, 2022, in Vatican City at age 95.

Pastor Sprayed with Acid in Ambush in Kampala, Uganda

A pastor has lost nearly all his vision after Muslim extremists lured him into an ambush in Uganda’s capital city and sprayed him with acid, sources said.

Muslim Villagers Halt Christmas Celebrations in Indonesia

Muslim villagers in West Java, Indonesia on Christmas Day stopped a congregation from celebrating Christmas in a home, according to various sources.