7-Week Old Baby Girl Fighting for Her Life after Being Struck by Softball

Veronica Neffinger | iBelieve Contributor | Tuesday, May 8, 2018

7-Week Old Baby Girl Fighting for Her Life after Being Struck by Softball

A seven-week-old little girl is fighting for her life after she was hit in the head by a stray ball at a softball game.

ABC News reports that Lee and Kassy Hovenga took their little girl, McKenna, on a family outing to a recreational softball game in Iowa. Kassy was breastfeeding little McKenna when the ball came flying over the protective fence and struck both of them, hitting Kassy in the bicep and McKenna in the head.

At first the parents didn’t even realize McKenna had been hit as it took her several moments to begin screaming. A large welt formed on her head, and Lee and Kassy knew their baby needed immediate attention.

McKenna was transported to St. Mary’s Hospital at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. She suffered skull fractions, brain bleeds, and seizures.

A Facebook page has been created to support the Hovenga family and to encourage prayer for McKenna.

Kassy recently posted an update on McKenna’s condition:

“Quick update: McKenna was a champ last night!!! They did start her on a Lasix and she is responding to that very well! No new changes, she stayed very stable....she is getting ready to head down to have a scheduled CT. Hopefully gonna make some progress today by decreasing some meds but taking it an hour at a time!!! Asking for everyone to pray and keep your fingers crossed for continued good news!”

Join us in praying for little McKenna’s full recovery.


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Publication date: May 8, 2018