6-Year-Old Boy’s Birthday Request: To Have the Gospel Preached at His Party

Veronica Neffinger | iBelieve Contributor | Wednesday, December 14, 2016

6-Year-Old Boy’s Birthday Request: To Have the Gospel Preached at His Party

A six-year-old boy asked for a very unusual birthday gift--to have an evangelist tell his party guests about the love of Christ.

ChristianToday.com reports that the young boy, Jacoby Enge, from Orlando, Florida, surprised his parents when he made the request.

The boy’s father, Rob Enge, works for a ministry called Christ For All Nations, and Jacoby requested that the vice-president of that ministry, Peter Vandenberg, come to his birthday party and share the gospel with his guests.

When his mother, Megan, asked him why he wanted the evangelist to come to his party, Jacoby responded, “Because I want him to preach the Gospel at my birthday party.”

"I wanted Peter Vandenberg to tell all the people that don't know Jesus, and I just really wanted to do that," the six-year-old told CBN News.

Jacoby’s parents granted his request, and Vanderberg attended the party. Because of Jacoby’s request and Vandenberg preaching the gospel message, 15 people gave their lives to Christ.

Jacoby’s parents even helped him make tags for Bibles to hand out as party favors which read “Jesus is your #1 Hero,” since the party’s theme was superheroes.

Rob Enge said his son is an inspiration to him:

"He really encourages me each and every single day," Rob said. "In the scripture we read several accounts where Jesus talks about children and having childlike faith. And this situation with his birthday party really spoke to that, and it challenged me."


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Publication date: December 14, 2016